Plastic and Cosmetic Procedures

Read on for a list of commonly requested plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Quetell is trained in some procedures that do not appear on this list, and he can also perform well in situations that are new or unique.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive

The procedures below fall into two categories: cosmetic and reconstructive. Cosmetic procedures are optional, generally chosen to enhance the appearance, restore a more youthful look, and boost confidence. Cosmetic procedures are usually paid for by the patient. Reconstructive procedures restores appearance and function to an area of the body injured through trauma or surgery; scarred; or malformed from birth. Such procedures may be covered by health insurance.


Dr. Quetell most frequently performs breast and body contouring for cosmetic patients; and skin cancer reconstructive surgery.

Breast Surgery <

Enhance or restore the appearance of your breasts with natural looking results.

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Body Surgery <

Redefine your body’s shape and contours with personalized body procedures.

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Facial Surgery <

Take charge of the signs of aging and restore a naturally youthful appearance.

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Non-Surgical Procedures <

Enjoy beautiful, youthful results with minimal to no downtime.

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Great doctor! He always made me very comfortable during my difficult time. Dr. Quetell did my breast reconstruction after a lumpectomy and radiation. I would highly recommend him.

JP, New York

Specializing in breast and body surgical procedures and skin cancer reconstructive surgery.

"We are here to enhance your appearance, restore a more youthful look, boost confidence and make you feel like you are being treated with the upmost care and compassion." - Dr. Quetell

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